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When you play a card with Spellcraft, you may spend power to create and play the listed spell.

You can cast the spell as many times as you are willing to pay the spell(craft) cost, but only while playing the card. You do so by choosing 0 or more targets before hitting the skip button.

Spellcraft is a keyword introduced in The Fall of Argenport.

Spellcraft user interface

Select your play area after playing Hair-Trigger Pistol to play Trigger-Happy.

When you play a card with Spellcraft, if you have the power available, you will be asked if you want to use the effect. You may play the spell by clicking your side of the field (it will highlight green as you hover over it) or selecting targets if the spell requires them. You may also choose to skip the effect with the 'Skip' button.

Spellcraft initially appeared only on weapons. The release of The Flame of Xulta introduced relics and relic weapons with Spellcraft abilities.


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Cards with Spellcraft[]


Spellcraft is always optional even if you have the extra power to use it.

The Spellcraft keyword was first seen in its mechanic reveal announcement.[1]