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Channel the Tempest is a spell that both draws more cards and damages an enemy.

Spell is a card type. Spell cards usually represent the actions, including the magic and activities on the characters of Eternal. Spells have a wide variety of effects, such as drawing cards, interacting with enemies, and to defending units from incoming attacks.

After a spell is played and its effect resolves, it goes immediately to it's player's void.

Some spells have the fast subtype. Where Spell cards can be only played during the player's own turn (like most card types), Fast Spell cards can additionally be used during response windows such as the players' attack phases or at the end of the opponent's turn (see the section Fast Spells for more details).

Playing Spells[]

Spells are generally played from the hand. Unlike most other card types which remain on the play zone's field, spells instead have an immediate effect then go to the void.

Some cards and mechanics play spells from zones other than the hand. Cards with Warp can be played as if they were in the player's hand while on top of the player's deck. Cards like West-Wind Herald play spells directly from the void for free.

Many spells target other cards or players. Targets are chosen as the spell is played. Spells with targets cannot be played if none are available.

If the spell's target is no longer available as the effect resolves, it has no effect on that target, but other effects may still apply. For example, if unit targeted by Predator's Instinct is killed in response, it dies and doesn't gain Killer; this also applies it the target is no longer valid, for instance if a unit targeted by Suffocate is then buffed to more than 3 attack. However if an enemy unit targeted by Dispel becomes Devoured by the enemy player, the player who cast Dispel will still draw a card.[1]


Some cards create entirely new spells that were never in the player's deck to begin with. These token spells behave just like other spell cards—once played, token spells go to the void and they persist for the remainder of the game.

Fast Spells[]

Spells with the Fast designation can be played on the enemy turn or as a reaction to three specific types of action:

• Spell cards

• Curse cards and Cursed Relics

• Triggered and activated abilities that directly influence another player

When a player takes one of these actions, the other player has the opportunity to play a fast spell card as a reaction. This spell will take effect before the action it is reacting to, so it can help protect something or otherwise change how the original spell or ability will affect the game. After the reaction finishes, an additional reaction can be played if the player has yet another fast spell (and the power to play it). This continues until the reacting player is finished.

Note that, because reactions are themselves spell cards, the original player might be able to react to a reaction with their own fast spell. This uses the same rules.

Interacting with Spells[]



Spells Matter[]

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  1. Editor's note: This is different from how targeting works in Magic: the Gathering, where, if all the spell's targets become illegal, the spell fizzles and has no effect whatsoever.