Spire Shadows is a spell card.

How to Get Edit

Purchasing the Shadow of the Spire Bundle, Premium Bundle, or Legendary Bundle from the in-game store unlocks a playset of Spire Shadows.

Premium versions of Spire Shadows also unlock if the premium bundles are purchased. Without it, the premium cards can be crafted for Shiftstone icon3200 Shiftstone each after the regular bundle is purchased."

Strategy Edit

As with the effect, it is a good idea to have high cost cards with low attack (tanks).

Ideas from the highest cost units:


Heroic Bravo - 4 for an 8/4 unit.

6 cost Xo with 2 more attack.

Lavablood Goliath - 6 for a 9/6 that deals 9 when you play it

Sindok - Costs even less, is a 9/4

Kaleb costs 6, 8/6 charge, with a random weapon


Intriguing Ancient - 4 cost 8/5 sentinel

Marisen - FOUR COST. 8/7. (this is the MVP, imo)

Talir - 6 cost Talir means earlier combos

Foraging Sauropod - 6 for a 10/6 dino

Novaquake would only cost 10, easier/faster to bond


Relia - 3 cost 8/3. Oh, and is immune to damage. Oh, also double damage... And endurance.

Rolant would cost 6. Svetya would cost 6.

Valkyrie Linebreaker - 5 for an 8/6 flyer

Silverwing Rallier - 5 for a 9/4 flyer

Sigvard - depending on how the spell resolves he is either a 1 cost 11/5 or 4 cost 8/5


Eilyn Rising Storm comes down on 6 as an 8/12

Surveying Mantasaur - 3 cost 8/4 flyer Dino, also bond.

Clutchkeeper - 8 cost 14/7 Dino, also bond.


Turn 6 Vara

Callous Survivalist - 5 for a 9/4, also bond


Shimmerpack as a 4 cost 8/4

Tunneling Gargantua is a 5 cost 8/5 with killer, plus the stats from relics

Snowcrush Animist - 4 COST 8/5 and kills or stuns everything (also an MVP)

Gallery Edit


1.51.0... Released in Shadow of the Spire.


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