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Statuary Maiden is a unit card.

How to Get[]

Type Creation Destruction
Legendary Shiftstone icon 3200 Shiftstone icon 800
Premium Shiftstone icon 9600 Shiftstone icon 3200

This card can also be obtained from The Empty Throne Card Packs. Diamond Chests and The Empty Throne Card Packs can give Premium versions of this card.


On Play: "You'll stay... forever!"


Nothing here yet!


An opponent's player Aegis will stop Statuary Maiden from transforming their unit as it dies (breaking the Aegis instead).


1.51.0... Now 2/4 (was 2/3).
1.47.2c Now 2/3 (was 2/2).
1.46.6... Now 2/2 (was 2/4)
1.28 Now reads: "Enemy units can't Entomb or Revenge. When an enemy unit dies, transform it into a +2/+2 Cudgel and draw it."
1.15 Now reads: "Enemy units that die transform into +2/+2 Cudgels. You draw them."
1.7.3 Released in The Empty Throne.