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Stealth is a skill keyword that appears on some 3- and 5-cost units, which are played with their stats and other identifying information hidden. It was introduced in Revelations.

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Until revealed, units with Stealth have all stats hidden from the opponent, except their cost.

Stealth's rules text, from the in-game description:

Units with Stealth are played hidden. It is revealed when it deals or takes damage, is affected by an enemy effect, or has anything played directly on it.

Hidden is defined as:

This unit's Strength icon/Health icon, text, faction, and types are hidden from the enemy player.

Some 3-cost Stealth units also have the Intrigue keyword, which lets them be played as if they were a 5-cost Stealth unit, and usually gives some additional benefits. Intrigue's rules are:

Spends 2 power when played from your hand for an additional effect.

Playing Stealth Units[]

Hidden units with 5 cost or that were played using Intrigue have a different appearance than 3-cost Stealth units.

Units with Stealth are always played hidden. If a 3-cost unit with Intrigue 2 is played whenever an additional 2 power is available, it will always be played for 5 power and trigger the Intrigue effect (to the opponent, it will appear the same as playing a 5-cost Stealth unit).

A hidden unit appears as normal to its owner, except it has a glow effect to indicate that it is hidden. To the opponent it appears as a Hidden Unit, with all stats hidden except its cost. 3-cost and 5-cost Hidden Units have different artwork to differentiate the two types. 3-cost units played with Intrigue appear as 5-cost Hidden Units.

Revealing Hidden Units[]

Hidden units are revealed though most forms of interation with the game. In general, the main ways a unit will be revealed are:

  • By dealing or taking damage: Whenever a hidden unit would deal or take damage (in or out of combat), it will be revealed immediately before the damage is dealt.
  • By enemy spells or effects: Any enemy interaction that would normally be blocked by Aegis will reveal a hidden unit.
  • By its owner's direct effects: The hidden unit will be revealed if it's owner uses any effects directly on it, where the unit needs to be interacted with (clicked on, on PC).

Hidden units are also revealed whenever they leave play to another zone (such as dying or being put into a hand or market), and when the game ends.

Some units have abilities to reveal themselves. Many have Ultimates which reveal themselves at specific times (such as on the turn after they were played) and give a beneficial effect. If they are revealed before then by other means, the Ultimate will not trigger.

Interacting with Hidden Units[]

Although their information isn't shown, hidden units retain all their characteristics. Conditional effects which care about specific stats will only interact with hidden units that meet those requirements.

For example, a hidden unit with 3 or less strength will not be killed by a Pristine Light. It also cannot be target directly with a Vanquish - attempting to use an effect like this on a hidden unit will visually indicate whether the target is legal or not.

Stealth units' base, unaltered stats are related to their costs. All 3-cost Stealth units have base stats which will not let it kill a 3/3 unit when one-on-one in and survive - at best it can trade with a 3/3. So 3-cost units may have stats like 4/1 to trade, or 1/4 so both units survive, but cannot normally be a 3/4 unit. Similarly, 5-cost Stealth units cannot kill a 5/5 unit and survive.

Although a Hidden Unit's cost indicate its base stats, note that it may still be buffed by effects such as Warcry.

Stealth Matters[]

Come cards have effects that are triggered whenever a Stealth unit is played or care that a unit is hidden.

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Stealth and its associated keywords were revealed in the Revelations' spoiler-season mechanic reveal article for the Stealth.[1]

Stealth is one of several skill keywords that are not granted by effects like Crown of Possibilities.


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