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The Stonescar mines are the richest source of shiftstone in the world, but dangerous creatures lurk in their depths...

"Stonescar isn't a place for the weak-hearted!"

Stonescar is the combination of the Fire icon Fire and Shadow icon Shadow factions.



The Quickdraw battle skill is only found in cards with some Fire or Shadow influence. Fast spells like Rapid Shot and Trick Shot make use of this to turn the tables in combat, while Bandit Queen can give a game-ending single turn attack.


Most cards that involve sacrifice fall under Stonescar, although they can be found in all factions. Cards like Combust and Brimstone Altar can take advantage of decks with cheap, expendable units.

Increasing Unit Strength[]

Increasing the Strength icon strength of units is a quality mostly found within Stonescar, such as Fire's Rally and Granite Acolyte, and Shadow's Savage Stranger and Borrowed Violence.

Unit Types[]


Grenadin are mainly Fire units, but do have some presence in Shadow. These are mainly small, cheap units that can be created as tokens through cards like Assembly Line and Granite Waystone. These can work well with Stonescar's sacrifice mechanic through units like Stonescar Scrapper and Scraptank.


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When Eternal's closed beta began, the Fire-Shadow combination faction was called Malforge. It was renamed Velforge, before finally being renamed Stonescar.[1]


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