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Gems are one of Eternal's currencies,

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A limited selection of store items are purchasable through the DWD store on DWD's website. Items in the DWD store are purchased directly from DWD using PayPal (some community store items are also available, for Influence icon influence). Because the processing fees are lower than through the in-game store (which would involve the game's platform's)), DWD passes those saving back as bonus content on most DWD store purchases, such as extra gems or free Draft Tickets.

The DWD store was opened in December 2018, accompanying the release of Defiance. It launched with the Starter Bundle and gems packages, along with the Founder's Package and Veteran's Package for a limited time.[1]

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After making your first cash purchase in the store, you will receive 3 free packs of each new expansion set on its release day.

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