Stun: Exhaust a unit. It doesn't ready on its owner's next turn. (Exhausted units can't attack or block).


Units with Endurance cannot be stunned. If a stunned unit is given Endurance (such as with Infinite Hourglass), the stun will be removed and the unit will be readied.

If a unit is stunned by an ongoing effect, such as Ice Sprite and Permafrost, the stun will be removed as soon as the source is killed or silenced.

Prior to the release of Homecoming, Silence removed Stun from a unit. It will no longer do this, but in cases such as Permafrost or Ice Sprite, silencing these cards will remove the ongoing stun.


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Cards with Stun Edit

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1.45Normal Stuns are no longer removed by Silence. Effects like Permafrost and Ice Sprite can still be removed by Silencing the source.
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