Talir's Favored is a spell card. It depicts Talir, one on the five original Scions.

How to Get Edit

Talir's Favored was released in Set 0, a subset of The Empty Throne. Set 0 cards do not appear in The Empty Throne card packs—instead, four non-premium copies are obtained through completing the introductory campaign.

You get Talir's Favored from the Time starter deck after beating the tutorial campaign.

Voiceovers Edit

On Play:"Focus, child."

Strategy Edit

This unit can be used with re-summoning spells or units to draw extra Time Sigils.

Notes Edit

Talir's Favored is part of the favors cycle of cards in The Empty Throne (Set 0). Each depicts one of the original Scions and draws the Sigil of their faction: Kaleb's Favor, Talir's Favored, Rolant's Favor, Eilyn's Favor and Vara's Favor.


1.7.3Released in The Empty Throne (Set 0).
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