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Tayana, the Mender is a Hero unit card.

How to Get[]

Type Creation Destruction
Promo Shiftstone icon 600 Shiftstone icon 100
Premium Shiftstone icon 2400 Shiftstone icon 400

This card can be obtained by winning matches during it's promotional period, otherwise it can be crafted.


On Play: "The Pumpworks is ours."


Nothing here yet!


The Tayana premium avatar.

Tayana, the Mender was the ninth promotional card of Argent Depths. The promo quest period lasted from November 11–December 2, 2020. It was later moved into Empire of Glass.

For a limited time, a Tayana premium avatar was available in the store for Gems icon300 gems. A bundle with the avatar a promo theme deck (including 4 premium copies of Tayana, the Mender) was also available, for Gems icon500.[1]

Although other cards could silence relics indirectly, such as Display of Tradition silencing all cards in the enemy void, Tayana is the first card which directly silences relics.

History Moved into Empire of Glass. Card number is now 405 (was 337) Released as a promo to Argent Depths.


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