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[[{{{1}}}|____________]] [[File:{{{1}}}.png|300x300px]]


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Requires this to work:

.tooltip {
        cursor: default;
.tooltip span {
	margin-left: -99em;
	position: relative;
.tooltip:hover span {
        z-index: 99;
        position: absolute;
        margin-top: -25em;
	    margin-left: 9em; 
.show-hover {
    display: none;
.hover-container:hover .show-hover {
.hover-container:hover .hide-hover {


Took CSS examples from here and here February 2nd, 2016.

Wiki Markup

This code expects the page name and card image(before the .png) to have the exact same name, and that the card image ends with ".png". Remember, images are case sensitive. Might change it later if needed so you can link willy nilly, then specify the image.


ALSO do NOT leave a space after the template. Freaks it out. put your words right up close to it.

Result (Hover Over and Click)

____________ Thunderbird.png Thunderbird

Templates Used

Uses template:Rollover and was using that one initially, but it was too glitchy. Mixed it with another rollover text someone made, and BAM this look semi-decent. There's an annoying line at the bottom when you hover over, and that's the result of the rollover template. The words ended up right below the the next words in the line, but the image popup worked fine. Might have problems with super short/super long card names though.

This line is necessary because the image only appears when you hover over the line. You can extend the line by adding a second variable "_____________"
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