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The template documentation following the update should be considered a work-in-progress at this time.

 | title         = card's name (defaults to pagename)
 | image         = defaults to 'title' parameter (or pagename)
 | imagealt      = alternative image 
 | imagecaption  = image caption, defaults to 'flavor' parameter (or nothing with both empty)
 | set           = formatted as link to set's page
 | type          = 
 | subtype       = 
 | cost          = 
 | requirements  = 
 | attack        = 
 | health        = 
 | rarity        = 
 | text          = card's text, include wikitext and templates (ex. {{t|Icon}})
 | flavor        = appears as the image caption if the 'imagecaption' parameter is empty
 | artist        = formatted as link to artist's page
 | other         =
Old Documentation


This infobox is based off Template:Infobox, the given sample. All that's changed are the words, but if you look at that pages documentation, it's essentially the same. I made the initial tweaks for the Ederon Wikia, and tweaked it a bit more for here.

May change some of these variable names/template names as info is released.

Other Notes

The Title, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth rows show "Unknown" if their values are not specified. While others, are hidden if not entered.


 | title         = Icaria, the Liberator
 | image         = Icaria, the Liberator.png
 | imagecaption  = 
 | set           = Base
 | type          = Unit
 | subtype       = Rebel Valkyrie
 | cost          = 7
 | requirements  = {{Icon|F,F,F}}{{Icon|J,J,J}}
 | attack        = 5
 | health        = 5
 | rarity        = Legendary
 | text          = Flying, Aegis, Charge, Endurance, Warcry 5
 | flavor        = 
 | keywords      = Flying, Aegis, Charge, Endurance, Warcry
 | tokens        = 
 | categories    = Hero
 | other         = 

Results in...(as seen on the Icaria, the Liberator page)

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