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Note:This template is in the process of being updated. Its card images have been temporarily turned off. Documentation will be updated to reflect the changes soon.


Use this template to format individual entries in the History section of card pages. It provides the details of the card's changes, a link the the patch page, and an image of the old card version. The image is displayed as both a small (64px wide) copy in the section entry, and as a larger copy displayed by hovering over the small one.

Wrap this template with the {{HistorySection}} template, placing each {{HistoryItem}} entry inside the first parameter (see the example section). This template must be nested inside a wikitext table, which {{HistorySection}} provides.


Type {{hi|<patch>|<description>|<oldImage>|<image>}} on an article page, replacing the parameter names with the corresponding values. Use either "oldImage" or "image", not both.

Note that writing the above parameters' names are optional, as unnamed parameters may be used instead, following the above order. Note that if using the 4th unnamed parameter for "image", be sure to prefix the extra "|" so the 3rd parameter is empty (like this: "||<image>").


patch = #.##.##

The Eternal patch where the change took place. If the value is a patch number (such as "1.28.7"), it will be converted into a link to its patch notes page. Otherwise, the value will be displayed as written (for cases where the patch is unknown or in early Alpha-Beta).

description = 

The changes to the card, may include the reasons for the change.

Image Parameters

There are two alternate parameters for images. Choosing which one to use depends on whether the old card version's image is located in the current version's file history, or has been re-uploaded under a new file name.

oldImage = someURL

The URL of the target image, found by clicking the desired version from the History section of the image's main file page. This should appear similar to:
image = Image.ext

If the old card image has its own file name, use the "image" with the image's file name (name + extension) as the parameter value.

imageAlt = Image description.

Optional parameter. Alternate text for the image (in case the image can't be displayed) when using the "image" parameter. The alternate text "Patch patch# version of pagename" is returned by default.


Note that this example uses the {{hs}} and {{hi}} shortcuts for {{HistorySection}} and {{HistoryItem}}.

{{hi|1.37|Now 3TP (was 2TP).
{{hi|1.14|Now Rare (instead of Uncommon).
||Accelerated Evolution-1.7.3.png}}

The above example includes two HistoryItem entries inside the HistorySection wrapper, resulting in this:


1.37 Now 3TP (was 2TP).
1.14 Now Rare (instead of Uncommon).
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