This template creates the following notice:

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Editors should use this notice when they have partially edited a page, to show readers and other editors that the author intends to continue soon. Editing should resume at most within a few days.
Use {{Stub}} instead where periods between edits will be longer or missing information should be added by other users.
If a page with this notice hasn't been edited recently, you may try contacting the editor. If they cannot be reached, swap this notification for a Stub notification instead. For easier wiki maintenance, pages with this notice are automatically added to Category:Pages with a WIP Notice.
In situations where the page is nearly empty or does not meet the wiki's standards, you may contact an admin and use {{Delete}} to mark the page for deletion.
The above text is transcluded from Template:WorkInProgress/doc; you can change it or view its history.
If you're done making changes, please refresh the text. (Why?)
You can experiment in this template's sandbox (create | mirror ) and testcases (create) pages.
Please add categories and interwikis to Template:WorkInProgress/doc.
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