Eternal Card Game Wiki

The Basics are the first set of the Puzzles in the puzzle section. Your first completion of each puzzle rewards you 20 Gold icon, and completion of all of them allows you to try the other puzzles.

Basics: Flying[]

Find a way to win this turn!

Your opponent is at 6 Health. Their board consists of two 2/3 Bold Adventurer and a 1/5 Flying Towertop Patrol.

Your board consists of a Eager Owlet, a Scaly Gruan and a Hooru Stranger. You have 3 Power, and in your hand, Ice Sprite, Violent Gust and Elder's Feather.

To win, place the Elder's Feather on the Hooru Stranger, and play Violent Gust on the enemy Towertop Patrol. Attack with the Eager Owlet and Hooru Stranger to win.

Basics: Killer[]

Win the game this turn!

Your opponent is at 8 Health. They have a Copperhall Elite.

You have a Cabal Rogue and a Ancient Terrazon. You have 3 Power.

Your hand is: Teleport, Xenan Initiation and Unlock Potential.

To win, play Xenan Initiation on the Cabal Rogue, trade it into the Copperhall Elite, then attack with your Ancient Terrazon.

Basics: Aegis[]

Aegis complicates things. Win this turn anyways!

Your opponent is at 8 Health and has an Aegis. They have a 3/3 Aegis Ridgeline Watcher.

You have a False Prince and Reality Warden. You have 4 Power.

Your hand is: Finest Hour, Permafrost and Mortar.

To win, play Finest Hour on your opponent's Ridgeline Watcher. Then Play Permafrost on the Ridgeline Watcher. Attack with all your units.

Basics: Activate[]

Take down that beast by winning this turn!

Your opponent has 8 Health.

You have a Ijin, Imperial Armorer.

Your hand is: Shogun of the Wastes, Aerialist's Khopesh, Runic Revolver, and a 4/4 Charge Hellhound. You have 6 power.

To win, first play the Hellhound. Activate Ijin's ability by clicking on Ijin, selecting Ability, then clicking the Hellhound. Attack with the Hellhound.

Basics: Influence[]

Find a way to win this turn!

Your opponent has 12 Health.

You have a Champion of Chaos, Forsworn Stranger and Champion of Fury.

You have 4 Power and 1 Fire Influence, and 1 Shadow Influence.

Your hand is: Diplomatic Seal, Praxis Stranger, Feln Stranger and Skycrag Stranger.

To win, first play the Diplomatic Seal, selecting Primal. Play the Praxis Stranger and the Skycrag Stranger, then attack with all units.

Basics: Transform[]

Survive the enemy turn and win on your turn!

Your opponent has 4 Health.

They have a 3/3 Cloudsnake Harrier equipped with a Worn Shield, and a Crowd Favorite.

You have 2 Skycrag Stranger. You have 5 Power.

Your hand is: Polymorph, Piercing Shot, Gun Down and Primal Sigil.

To win, play Polymorph on the enemy's Crowd Favorite. Then play Piercing Shot on the Frog. Attack with all units.

Basics: Deadly[]

Find a way to win this turn!

Your opponent has 5 Health. They have two 0/6 Dune Phantom.

Your have Dusthoof Brawler, Bold Adventurer and Sand Viper.

Your hand is: Rally, Viper's Bite and Guerrilla Fighter.

To win, play Viper's Bite on Dusthoof Brawler. Attack with all your units.

Basics: Relics[]

Survive the enemy attack and win on your turn!

Your opponent has 5 Health and 2 Armor. Their Relics are Xenan Obelisk and Sword of Icaria. They have 0 Power.

They have a Trail Runner and a Ephemeral Wisp that are buffed by their Obelisk.

They are attacking your only Unit, a Argenport Instigator.

You have 1 Health, and Char and Ruin in hand.

To win, first play your Char on your opponent. it destroys the Sword of Icaria and puts them to 4. Then when your the enemy units are attacking, play Ruin on the Xenan Obelisk. Block the Trail Runner with your unit. They will be down to 3, and their 0/1 will be exhausted from attacking.

Then attack in and win.

Basics: Double Damage[]

Win this turn!

Your opponent has 8 Health. They have a Argenport Soldier.

You have Ticking Grenadin and Rebel Sharpshooter.

You have Power, your hand is: Twinbarrel and Annihilate.

To win, first play the Twinbarrel on Ticking Grenadin. Attack with all units. Play Annihilate on your Ticking Grenadin.

Basics: Armor[]

It's a close one! End it by winning this turn!

Your opponent has 1 Health and 1 Armor. They have an Oni Ronin and a Pyre Adept.

You have a Blazing Renegade.

You have 8 Power. Your hand is: Shield Bash, Reinforce and Magma Javelin.

To win, Stun the Pyre Adept with Shield Bash. Play Magma Javelin, and attack the Oni Ronin. Attack with Blazing Renegade.

Basics: Endurance[]

Prepare for the Lethrai attack and win on your next turn!

Your opponent has 3 Health. They have 4 Lethrai Ranger.

You have 6 Power and 3 Health. Brightmace Paladin, Sparring Partner, Alchemical Blast, and Karmic Guardian are in your hand.

To win, first play Karmic Guardian, then play Sparring Partner, with the Mentor targeting Karmic Guardian. Block 2 of the Lethrai Rangers with your creatures. Attack with Karmic Guardian and hit your opponent with Alchemical Blast.

Basics: Ambush[]

Survive the enemy onslaught and win on your next turn!

Your opponent starts at 3 Health, with a Direwood Beastcaller, Back-Alley Bouncer, Lethrai Nightblade and Skeeter attacking you.

You start at 4 Health and 5 Power, with a Desert Marshal and Dune Phantom in hand.

To win, during your opponent's attack, play Desert Marshal silencing the Skeeter and then play Dune Phantom blocking the Back-Alley Bouncer.and block the Beastcaller with Desert Marshal. When your turn starts, attack with Desert Marshal.

Basics: Silence[]

Win the game this turn before backup arrives!

Your opponent has 7 Health and Auric Sentry and Loyal Watchwing.

You have 5 Power and a 4/4 Flying Owl and Copperhall Elite in play, with Desert Marshal, Daze, Minotaur Duelist, and Silence in hand.

To win, silence both enemy units. Then Daze the Auric Sentry. Attack with everything.

Basics: Echo[]

End this battle of wits by winning this turn!

Your opponent has 1 Health and 4 Armor.

You have 8 Power and Cult Aspirant and Blind Storyteller in play. In hand, you have Excavate, 2 Find the Way, Swindle, and Amaran Camel.

Your deck is 30 power.

To win, play the Camel. Play Find the Way. Use Excavate on Find the Way. Use Blind Storyteller's ability to discard any card and draw Find the Way. Attack with Cult Aspirant.

Basics: Summon[]

Find a way to win this turn!

Your opponent has 8 Health and 3 Steadfast Deputy.

You have 13 Power and Horned Vorlunk, Highbranch Sentry, and Minotaur Oathkeeper. Your hand is Unlock Potential, Stalwart Shield, Teleport, Crownwatch Cavalry, and Sparring Partner.

To win, play Crownwatch Cavalry targeting the Horned Vorlunk. Then play Unlock Potential. Play Teleport to return Cavalry to your hand. Play Crownwatch Cavalry again targeting Horned Vorlunk. Attack with everything.