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The Empty Throne is the Eternal's tutorial campaign, serving as the player's introduction to the game and telling the Scions storyline. After prompting new players to choose an avatar and free totem, the introductory mission opens automatically and must be completed before the rest of the game is made available.

Tutorial Explanation

Siraf explains Eternal's gameplay throughout the tutorial missions.

Overall, the campaign is narrated by Jekk telling the story of the five Scions following the death of Caiphus. Tutorial elements, such as gameplay explanations and action prompts, are narrated by Siraf.

Finishing The Empty Throne completes the Complete the Campaign starter quest and begins the Survivor quest. Players are then granted access to the full user interface, including the player profile customizations and the collection and deck builder interfaces. Most items become available in the in-game store and players are given their first quests. The epilogue campaign The End And The Beginning, the paid campaigns, and the Gauntlet, Forge, and Draft modes are unlocked. Puzzles, Casual, and Ranked modes remain locked until a Gauntlet run is completed. Events are locked as well, until their own conditions are met.

Eternal's tutorial was originally broken into three separate campaigns, The Fire Within, Shades of Time, and Who Shall Rule?. With patch v1.35, the tutorial was re-designed[1], combining the three sections into The Empty Throne. A new introductory mission featuring Jekk and Curiox was added, missions were rearranged and several removed to streamline the tutorial, and the previously 'hidden' epilogue The End And The Beginning was moved into its own separate campaign.

Campaign Edit

This campaign's missions walk the player through the game's user interface and mechanics, using prompts to direct player's interactions and drawing cards in a pre-determined order. Players are granted more freedom in their decisions in later missions.

Mission Card Unlocked

The card Talir, Who Sees Beyond is unlocked after completing the mission Trial by Fire.

Beating missions unlocks new cards in the theme decks rewarded on completion the campaign. Note that these theme decks are not always identical to the decks used during the campaign, which may include noncollectible cards such as Detonate.

Vara's Story Edit

Vara's Story

Vara's Story introduces Vara and the Shadow faction.

Mission Description Enemy Rewards
Jekk vs Curiox Takin' bounties is a rough bit of work. But the money's good... As long as you're alive to spend it. Curiox, the Collector
The Hanging Tree Jekk, the Bounty Hunter reaches the end of the road.
A Path Into Shadow Vara seeks her own way.
Predator and Prey The Shadowlands will rot yer insides and dry you out if you’re not careful; it’s a deadly place to wander without a guide. I can’t say where it was that she found Azindel, but there was much he had to teach. Ravenous Thornbeast
The Lost It’s an easy thing to lose your way in that forsaken place, and the Shadow can do strange things to ya. Explorers will test the edges from time to time, but the ones who push too far don’t always come out the same. Reliquary Raider
Homecoming With her father’s death and the Eternal Throne sitting empty, Vara was wanted back in Argenport. Her uncle Rolant sent one of his best men to escort her home...whether she wanted to go or not. It seems Vara had other plans. Marshal Ironthorn
A Gift of Freedom Azindel helps Vara escape.

Kaleb's Story Edit

Kaleb's Story

Kaleb's Story Kaleb, the Uncrowned Prince and the Fire faction.

Mission Description Enemy Rewards
Bastard or Prince? Kaleb sets out to learn his mother's identity.
Gates of Argenport Kaleb's search for his past began at the walls of Argenport, with an unlucky grunt ordered to bar the gates. Some folks just gotta learn things the hard way... Crownwatch Guard
The Praxis Arcanum The road to the Praxis Arcanum was a long and dusty haul, and Kaleb found the doors sealed when he arrived. His pounding fist near shook the tower, and soon the doorkeeper appeared. Marisen's Disciple
Riddles from the Past Kaleb finally faced the mage who could tell him of his mother and help him claim the Eternal Throne. But Marisen's rhymes only enraged the prince. Marisen, the Eldest
Questions Unanswered A battle is won, but mysteries remain.

Talir's Story Edit

Talir's Story

Talir's Story introduces Talir and the Time faction.

Mission Description Enemy Rewards
The Time of Mourning Talir struggles to understand her brother Caiphus' death.
Toil and Trouble Talir started her search among the witches of the Felnwood. There’s some bad magic happening under those trees, but Talir was never one to be squeamish about a curse or two. Withering Witch
Trial by Fire Some folk believe mages can read the future in flames. Talir knows better than most, and tracked down a rebel caster rumored to have the gift of prophecy. Prophetic Mage
Elder Wisdom The Hooru see much more than they let on. But you gotta be careful when you seek ‘em out; from what I hear, they’re as like to feed ya to their owls as share the mysteries of the world. Talir needed to know more about the Strangers she’d encountered; she needed the owls’ wisdom. Hooru Envoy
Strange Omens Talir begins to understand the arrival of the Strangers.

Eilyn's Story Edit

Eilyn's Story

Eilyn's Story introduces Eilyn and the Primal faction.

Mission Description Enemy Rewards
The Road North Eilyn ventures out among her people.
Waylaid! Since Caiphus’ death, the roads outside of Argenport had been overrun by bandits. Eilyn had no idea how bad things had gotten, but it didn’t take her long to find out. Bandit Queen
Uneasy Reunion With enemies at every turn, Eilyn returned to her birth clan, but she didn’t quite get the welcome she was expecting. Seems her choices made her no more popular in the outlands than in Argenport. Aerial Ace
A Bullet in Your Name While on her way back to the capital, Eilyn found out the hard way that not everybody was eager to see her come home. A Cabal assassin caught up with her in the Felnwood, and her story nearly ended there… Ashara, the Deadshot
The Hidden Blade Someone wants Eilyn dead...but who?

Rolant's Story Edit

Rolant's Story

Rolant's Story introduces Rolant and the Justice faction.

Mission Description Enemy Rewards
The Price of Safety Rolant goes to great lengths to preserve peace.
Dark Dealings As the Rebellion drew close, Rolant looked close to home: Argenport’s back-alleys hold all manner of folks who’ll call you their friend…for a price. The Cabal are a brutal lot, but they sure are effective. Knifejack
New Recruits To shore up the capital’s defenses, Rolant raided the universities for Combrei’s best and brightest. There was some resistance at first, but after a “training session” there weren’t many who objected. Knight-Chancellor Siraf
Through the Breach! It wasn’t easy, but the Rebels finally breached the gates. Rolant saw an old friend across the battlefield, leading the charge against him. General Izalio
What Must Be Done Rolant destroys much of Argenport in order to save it.
Friends in High Places Jekk's execution is postponed.

Rewards Edit

New Starter Deck

The Primal Fury deck is unlocked after completing Eilyn's Story.

Upon completion of the full campaign, players receive the five starter theme decks that were unlocked at the end of each section.


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