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The horde scaled the walls, flanking the remnants of the Crownwatch.
Axe shattered shield, and the Clans closed in. Argenport had fallen.
Chapter 19: The Fall of Argenport [1]

The Fall of Argenport is the fourth pack-based expansion set for Eternal Card Game. It released June 28, 2018 with over 275 new cards.[2]

How to Get[]

Packs of The Fall of Argenport are available for purchase from the in-game store, and individual cards may be crafted with Shiftstone.

The Fall of Argenport packs are also used in Drafts and Leagues, and The Fall of Argenport cards have been incorporated into the Forge mode.

New Theme Decks[]

Five new preconstructed decks, featuring cards and themes from The Fall of Argenport, were added to the store with the set's release. They can each be purchased for Gold icon2500 Gold or Gems icon250 Gems. These decks are:

  • Otherworldy Offerings (Time iconShadow icon), Inspired Technique (Time iconPrimal icon), Arcane Armaments (Fire iconJustice icon), Solemn Tribute (Justice iconPrimal icon), and Chaotic Combat (Fire iconShadow icon).

Mechanics & Themes[]

New Mechanics[]

The Market
The Fall of Argenport introduces a new gameplay zone called the Market. Cards in the Market are added during deckbuilding, and interacted with using the new Merchant units.
Cards with Tribute have an additional effect when played if a unit went to your void this turn.
Berserk is a new battle skill. Units with Berserk can make a special double attack one time. This can only be used once, and gives the unit Reckless.
Units with Inspire grant a bonus to other units you draw, such as keywords, buffs, and cost reduction.
Weapons with Spellcraft let you create and play spells by spending extra power as you play the weapon.

Returning Mechanics[]

The Fall of Argenport adds 18 new cards with Warp, including the 'End' cycle of Legendary spells (such as End of the Barrel). Warp previously appeared only on Fire icon Fire and Time icon Time cards as a Praxis mechanic, but is spread across all five Factions in The Fall of Argenport
The Fall of Argenport adds 10 new cards that trigger Nightfall. 3 of these are units which are buffed at Night (such as Lethrai Darkstalker).
Transmute was previously seen only in the 5-card monuments cycle from The Empty Throne. The Fall of Argenport adds a new cycle of transmuting power cards called standards, which transform into spells that are more powerful versions of cards from The Empty Throne.[3]

Other Themes[]

'Spells Matter'
Some The Fall of Argenport cards get buffed, gain battle skills, or trigger other effects when you play a spell. Between the Spellcraft weapons and a cycle of units that let you discard a card to create spells, quite a few non-spell cards let you trigger these effects as well.
'Tribal' Radiant and Wisp interactions.
Wisps and Radiants have always had a thematic relationship, The Fall of Argenport expands on these interactions with units that buff, replay, and give abilities to units of the other type.
'Create and draw' tokens.
Many of The Fall of Argenport's token-creating cards, such as Wurmcalling and Manufacture, have you draw the units rather than playing them directly.

While this means you still have to pay power to play them, they benefit from Inspire bonuses or may be swapped by a Merchant for a card in your Market.


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