The Solist Order is a centuries-old religious order, followers the deity Sol's words. Solists strongly believe in finding truth and banishing lies. Seated in the Citadel of Light, the Solists safeguard precious truths and dangerous artifacts in its Archives.

Genetrix Edit

Full Art - Genetrix Irel IV
Find your community, find your truth. Stand for both.

The Solist Order is headed by the Genetrix, its matriarch. Irel IV has lead the Order as Genetrix for decades.

The Citadel of Light Edit

The sanctum-city of the Citadel of Light, located near the campuses of Combrei, is the seat and stronghold of the Solist Order.[1] Its steep surrounding hills provide privacy and protection from the elements, while containing the Order's Archives in their caverns.[2] The Citadel's bronze-clad walls and statues gleam in sunlight.

Archives Edit

Predating the Order, the Solists' Archives reside in a network of caves underneath the Citadel's surrounding hills.[1] Its dark and dry halls preserve manuscripts, tapestries, and parchments, mostly filled with historical records.

The Archives are also used to safeguard heretical texts, including ones imbued with malign power, to protect the world from these dangerous artifacts.

Knights of the Order Edit

The Knights of the Order are veteran paladins and soldiers, who usually fight in heavy gear. They are known for marching with it equipped for hours and still being capable of fighting afterwards.[3]

Joining the Kights Edit

Warriors hoping to join the Knights may be trained at the Citadel by its master-at-arms, but one only becomes a Knight after being blessed by the Genetrix.[3]

Training can last for months. In addition to combat training, hopefuls also undergo physical training, such as climbing the Citadel's rocky hills for days while equipped in armor and carrying heavy packs. They also study the relics, both good and bad, preserved in the Archives.

Fighting the Shadowlands Edit

After Irel received a vision of impending darkness from the Shadowlands,[2] she commanded that the Knights of the Order assemble at the Citadel to prepare a preemptive strike at the threat:

The Shadowlands and its secrets threaten us all. The Solist Order will confront this corruption with blinding light and blessèd steel. Will you stand with us?

Many, including Albon Roa, answered the call. After their training and initiation, they were led by Genetrix Irel herself to the Shadowlands' edge. She sent them off, saying “May Sol light your way, and burn through the lies of this dark place.” before they charged into the curtain of Shadow ahead of them.[3]

Customs Edit

Clothing Edit

Followers of Sol typically dress in white, brown, and bronze.[4]

Hospitality Edit

Visitors to the Citadel (including Knight hopefuls) are welcomed, given meals and board in a small dormitory.[3]


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