Sickness has fallen across the land of Myria, ravaging its people. When a simple homesteader goes in search of medicine for his family, he sets in motion events that will change his life – and the world – forever.

The Tale of Horus Traver teaser

The Tale of Horus Traver is a single player campaign for Eternal, released October 3rd, 2017,[1] that rewards players with 23 new cards for ranked play.


Cards from this campaign are uncraftable, and are rewarded by completing the missions. Purchasing the campaign costs 25,000 gold or 1000 gems, with 1050 gems costing $9.99.


Mission Mission Rules Reward
Spreading SicknessAt the end of each turn, if there are four or more units, a random unit gets -1Health icon.Copperhall Paladin
Waylaid!At the start of each player's turn, they gain an Aegis. Whenever an enemy loses an Aegis, draw a card.Yetipult
The Gates are SealedUnits and weapons drawn after the first turn get +2Strength iconAuric Interrogator & Tavrod, Auric Broker
HomecomingAt the end of each turn, if there are four or more units, a random unit gets -3Health icon.Cruciation
Journey into ShadowThe enemy player gains 1 Health whenever a unit dies.Stranger's Mark
We Stand UnitedUnits have Warcry.Watchwing Conscript
Our Purpose is ClearUnits have +1/+1.Devoted Theurge & Dilphex Stalker
From on High We StrikeUnits have Flying.South-Wind Herald
By Whatever Means NecessaryUnits have Deadly.Sadistic Valkyrie
We Ride!Units have Charge.Kindle & Cinder Yeti
Cauldron VisionsSpells cost 2 less. When a player plays a spell, deal 2 damage to them.Unexpected Results
Enemy of My EnemyWhen either player plays a Power, they get an extra +1 Power that turn.Dueling Pistols
Stay Out of ThisWhen a unit is played it gains a random battle skill.Hooru Teachings & Twinstrike Master
Cold WelcomeAt the end of your turn you see a vision of a random card. You may put that card on the top or bottom of your deck.Vision of Austerity
Time of ReckoningCards in decks have Warp.Power Stone, Waker of Ancients & Crimson Firemaw
One From ManyAt the start of your turn, play a random Stranger.Triumphant Stranger & Horus Traver


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