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Kodosh, watch over me. Make my eyes sharp, and my feet swift.
Shavka, guide my hands that I may strike, clear and bright.
Linrei, cool my brow and ease my thirst. Cradle me and make me new.
Makkar, hold safe my blood, the gift of my mother, my debt to your children.
A-hu! A-hu!
Grodov, judge me kindly. For I am born to perish, and the world grows dark…
A call to the Ancestors[1]

The Trials of Grodov is a purchasable bundle, released July 24, 2019.[1] It introduced 25 new cards for normal play, 20 of which are unique to the bundle. The other 5 cards are early arrivals of the remaining insignia, which complete the cycle from Dark Frontier. Its insignia were re-released in the following set, The Flame of Xulta. Bundle upgrades also introduce a new set of premium Sigils.


The Trials of Grodov may be purchased from the in-game store through three bundles—the base bundle, and two levels of upgrades.

Uldra premium Avatar

The The Trials of Grodov Bundle costs Gold icon25,000 gold or Gems icon1000 gems (Gems icon1100 gems costs US$9.99 through the in-game store). It includes four non-premium copies of each of its 25 cards, and a unique Uldra premium avatar.

Uldra cardback

The The Trials of Grodov Premium Bundle costs Gems icon2000 gems to purchase outright, or Gems icon1000 gems to upgrade from the base bundle. In addition to the base bundle's contents, it includes four premium copies of each card, and a unique Uldra premium cardback.

The The Trials of Grodov Xultan Bundle cost Gems icon5000 gems (or Gems icon4000 gems to upgrade from the base bundle, or Gems icon3000 gems to upgrade from the Premium Bundle). In additionally included a box of Dark Frontier, one Draft ticket, and the "Xultan" premium Sigils. The Xultan Bundle stopped being sold December 19, 2019, with Promises by Firelight's release.[2]


The Trials of Grodov's unique cards cannot be crafted, or destroyed for shiftstone. They are only available after purchasing the bundle. Unlike campaigns' mission-unlocked cards, these bundle cards are available for normal play immediately upon purchase.

With the release of The Flame of Xulta, the 5 insignia became craftable and are found in the set's packs.

Premium versions of each card may be crafted once unlocked, at the usual cost for its rarity, or purchased in the premium bundle upgrades.

Find The Trials of Grodov's cards in its category page.


Five in-game and platform achievements were added for The Trials of Grodov.

Name Description Reward Points Xbox Steam
Army of the Shugo Have four Oni wielding weapons. 75 Gold icon 50 10
Most Dangerous Game Kill an enemy unit that has 7 or more strength with a Killer attack. 75 Gold icon 50 10
Sodi's Offensive Draw 10 cards from Sodi Wingbreaker's ability. 75 Gold icon 50 10
Sundered Veil Shift nine units from the void with Uldra. 75 Gold icon 50 10
Twisted Frontier Twist three different units in a turn. 75 Gold icon 50 10


The Trials of Grodov is Eternal's first non-campaign release of purchase-only cards.


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