• Hi Yumyum,

    First I wanted to thank you for those quick fixes to the pages I made, especially that Card Hover template should come in handy :)

    I have a few questions about the wiki...

    Card Hover
    Minor concern here... it seems that on mobile the template inserts the full size image in the text (in the mobile preview anyway, I don't have a smart phone or tablet to confirm its real-world effect). Is there a way to turn it into a normal link on mobile? I think the mobile skin strips out styling, but if not maybe something like a media query could fix it (I don't know much about CSS, I haven't used it myself beyond some basics).
    Card Images & Pages
    Does the ultimate goal of this wiki include uploading images and making pages for every card, basically making a full database? Or are they only used as needed as examples for other articles? I don't want to step on any toes by mass uploading images if the plan is to point users to another database site instead (like the one linked under the Community dropdown).
    On a similar note, if the goal is to upload images for each card, is there a plan in place for categorizing them? I see most of the current ones are currently uncategorized. I don't want to mess around with it if you prefer them that way.
    Card Infobox
    I read the old forums discussion and see the draft with the newer infobox formatting... any plans to roll it out? I could tinker with it in a separate sandbox if you have some issues that need fixing.

    Sorry for the massive post, I just wanted to check these things before mucking about too much. I've been active on another gaming wiki since last June, so I'm not exactly a newbie with this stuff, but every wiki has their own way of doing things. Great job on the wiki so far!

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    • CardHover Oh yeah, never looked much into the mobile thing, checked on phone, it does display the image below the word.

      Additionally all/most available templates have been categorized here:

      Card Images In the long term, yes that would be a goal. Updating them with artists credit, history changes and such would be great, though its a lot of work, and I've primarily just been adding them as they happened.

      Categories Nothing planned, additionally we need to put credit in the description part for each card image page, but those are long term goals.

      Card infobox Not currently, haven't messed around with it too much.

      Overall I'm focused on just adding content to the wikia, I'm the only one regularly updating it, and my pace is admittedly very slow.

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    • Don't worry about the pace! I've been the primary editor at the other wiki I mentioned, so I totally understand. Helping out here is as much for a change of pace as its about a game I enjoy.

      It sounds like its open to just start plugging away at whatever. I should catch on to corrections you make to hopefully start matching this wiki's style, but if theres anything particularly glaring just shoot me a message. Let me know if there's anything you would rather not be worked on.

      By 'credit in the description' of image pages, what are you referring to: licensing/free use notices, artist/DWD credits, file sources, etc?

      Let me know if I should focused on anything particular. Working on the other wiki I found I really enjoy the background stuff.. organizing, templates, etc. (I even started learning Lua to build databases there :P) Thanks for the Templates link, I had seen it a few days ago browsing the site and forgotten about it.

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    • Yeah I figure we should probably do image attribution at some point, (like a template like {{Copyright|DWD}}) but it seems like a non-issue while we're still lacking a whole lot of content.

      Plus as far as I can tell, this is additionally the premiere wiki for the game overall, because they just stopped getting edited/updated, excluding card databases.

      Feel free to just chip away at stuff, if you have some goal that you want to get organized, just ask and I'll be up for it.

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    • Great! I may get into cleaning up categories a bit, starting with non-content stuff like templates and images. I'll come up with a draft for some DWD copyright/fair use template as well, I may as well add it while I'm on the image pages anyway. Even if the template itself gets updated the template call can be in place.

      Btw, I noticed you have the default root category 'Browse' nested under a 'Site' category. Any particular guidelines for how these should be used?

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    • Heres a first pass at the image attribution template: {{CardImage}}

      It includes an update to the {{Fairuse}} template for freeuse/copyright disclaimer.

      Example in use

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