• I notice that you're pulling images from EternalWarcry.

    I don't recommend doing that for non-legendary cards, unless you want to edit the image further.

    They leave invisible space at the top of the .png file for non-legendary cards, and it's instantly recognizable.

    I prefer, although some of their images are surrounded by a thin grey box, which is more ignorable on a grey background than slightly smaller cards.

    (It's all just down to preference though.)

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    • oh ok, I did notice some variance in the .pngs just couldnt pin down what it was, or how it would effect their appearance on the wiki. The images are straight from DWD's site, which is likely where EternalWarcry gets theirs from if they have the same issues.

      Btw, would you mind renaming an image page? I forgot the apostrophe in File:Eilyns Choice.png, and only admins can rename file pages. Hopefully it won't happen again, but just in case I made a {{Rename}} template and associated category for easier management.

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    • Oh man you used the templates to a further extent than I ever did. (In a good way!)

      Fixed the file extension name. Tell me if you need me to do any specific mod stuff.

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    • Thanks :) If you want you can check out this page and the linked help article, an admin is needed to customize MediaWiki:Newarticletext. Those links would be simpler than copy/pasting into the url, and probably less confusing for other people who may want to use it. If you test the card page preload and want anything changed, let me know or feel free to update it yourself.

      Also, small style question before I get too far with things. Which do you prefer for titles, section headers, etc: 'Capitalize All Words', or 'Only capitalize the first'? Doesn't matter either way as long as its consistent.

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    • 'Capitalize All Words' is preferred.

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    • I've been thinking about the size/look issues issues for those images from the DWD site. Its probably a bit silly, but I don't really want to copy the ones from (someone else's work editing them and no explicit permissions to use elsewhere). I also noticed that the images I got from DWD announcements had wildly varying sizes and cropping. So, I decided to do things the hard way and use screenshots right from the game :P

      I started making a GIMP template to streamline things and keep the images consistent, but before getting too far I wanted to run some examples by you for feedback. I uploaded two images - Spells and Legendary Spells, and have some usage examples here. The sizes are a bit bigger than the current/ ones (around 60% bigger, taken from 1080p screenshots of the game's collection screen), but they are usually scaled either way by the time they appear on an article page. I have the non-legendary card cropped slightly smaller vertically to avoid that invisible space issue you mentioned in the OP.

      Let me know if you have any feedback or if there are any issues. I'll wait a bit before investing too much time in it in case you'd rather I alter it or not do it. If I get the go ahead I'll share the GIMP templates when they are finalized so anyone can use them to get the same look for the wiki's images.

      Also, a separate issue: I started renaming pages to fit the 'Capitalize All Words' preference, but sometimes a new page needed to be made and the old one deleted. Several of these article and category pages need an admin to delete them.

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    • Your .png images are always going to work with templates, the templates of card and cardhover, linkhover and so on, automatically resize the images.

      The issue with eternalwarcry's images, is that they leave a blank space at the top of their images. It's relatively easy to delete the blank space in a text editor and then resize the image.

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    • Sounds like I've been over-thinking things a bit, this is just the kind of thing I tend to unnecessarily obsess over :P

      I'm aware that wiki templates automatically scale images, 320px images and 530px images will look the same when scaled to 300px and they should appear fine on wiki articles as long as there aren't any weird excess blank spaces.

      I just checked out eternalwarcry's card images and I see what you mean about the excess space, and how the same issue appears on the DWD cards. I could crop DWD images as you said, my issue there is they come in inconsistent sizes, and even with the same sizes they were cropped weirdly. For example, in the Omens of the Past spoiler gallery even cards of the same size were centered differently. Stuff like that bugs me and I imagine it would appear inconsistent on the wiki if the cards appear side by side, hence wanting to use the game screenshots to streamline the process.

      I had imagined screenshoting all the cards but thats going a bit overboard. As long as they look fine, I'll still use it for any new cards that I add but unless we end up needing the larger image sizes theres no need to re-upload existing card files.

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    • No you don't manually crop the image.

      In gimp or whatever image editor, you delete the blank space, use the computer selection tool to select the remaining card, and then you can crop to selection.

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    • In gimp or whatever image editor, you delete the blank space, use the computer selection tool to select the remaining card, and then you can crop to selection.

      This is what I meant by manually cropping. Sorry for the confusion!

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    • I see you're trying to do a "Keyword" hover.

      What's the end goal of expectation on this?

      Do you want text to appear in a box, or do you want an image to appear?

      I can additionally add a LUA script to auto-parse the keyword put into the template, or we can just have a set system if we go the image route.

      Only issue is that the cardhover template gets a bit iffy if put inside the cardinfobox sometimes, so we may have to update the infobox to the newest type before proceeding.

      (Also if you make any drastic changes to templates, make sure to leave a backup in template/backup or something similar, in case it goes ka-put or you want to campare to the old version)

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    • While I was categorizing the templates I noticed a pre-existing KeywordHover template. It was blank - it seems the original editor didn't get it working so deleted its contents. I thought I would tinker with it. The goal for now is a simple tooltip box for keywords, like the ones in-game. Potentially it could be expanded for other hover popups if there are other uses, but I want to get this working first :P

      I have something usable that you could try. It isn't integrated in {{KeywordHover}} yet but you can see it in action on my user sandbox page. To appear correctly it needs my personal css added to yours (or wiki-wide, though it may need updating later).

      Once the css is finalized I'll work it into the keyword template. I already have a Lua module started, with a few keywords & their descriptions and the script for the keyword lookup. I plan on adding a similar script for displaying multiple keywords and auto-parsing stuff like the card text parameter for card infoboxes.

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    • Oh that's pretty neat, I've added it to the wikia css.

      Just one thing, maybe we could have the containers either reveal to the left or overflow the wikia, because they don't do well in infoboxes.

      What input does your LUA script take (or planning to take?), could I theoretically just update the card template to make {{Card|Grenadin|Hover|Overwhelm, Reckless, Voidbound}} or something similar to cause it to have hover overs that way?

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    • ...maybe we could have the containers either reveal to the left or overflow the wikia...

      Sure, I'm just learning/refreshing CSS for this so its a work-in-progress but I'm sure that can be worked out. If anyone else knows how to improve it I'd be happy for the help :)

      What input does your LUA script take (or planning to take?), could I theoretically just update the card template to make {{Card|Grenadin|Hover|Overwhelm, Reckless, Voidbound}} or something similar to cause it to have hover overs that way?

      At the moment, this:


      returns the tooltip for that one keyword. So you could have a hover parameter like this


      return the tooltip for that one keyword. The Lua script just returns the keyword's tooltip text, formatting and assigning the css class would be done in the {{Card}} template.

      It doesn't currently allow multiple keywords but that functionality won't be hard to add. We can make it use its own parameter that is then parsed:

      {{Card|CARDNAME|hover=Overwhelm, Reckless, Voidbound}}

      or have it 'grab' any additional unnamed parameters like so:


      Either way would work fine, just comes down to preference and actually writing the script.

      For infoboxes, I planned on making their own separate script to scan the card text parameter for any keywords (or other flagged words) to get the tooltip text to return.

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    • I just added this to {{KeywordHover}}, and I see what you mean now about this not doing will in infoboxes (seen here). I'll look more into the css to try and get it to float outside the infobox boundaries, meanwhile we can avoid using it in infoboxes though it should be fine in normal article text.

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    • That portable infobox looks much sleeker than the one we are currently using.

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    • Thanks, though I can't really take much credit. I only made a few tweaks so far to your own PI (in /Draft). Mostly its just how PIs appear by default. Personally I prefer the colors and thinner infobox of the original but that can all be adjusted if need be in the wiki css. I'd like to get the PI decked out with auto-categorization & the hover tips before using it on the main pages.

      The hover tooltip has the same display issue as the classic infobox. I assume its to do with their default css, as my test nesting the same info inside other divs doesn't effect the tooltip. Classics are tables with the 'wikia-infobox' class, and PIs are asides with the 'portable-infobox pi-background pi-theme-wikia' classes. I'm guessing that customizing one of those, or creating a custom infobox theme, may be the key to fixing the problem. I just don't know the exact css to change, so it may take a bit of researching, testing & tweaking :P

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    • Well, that was much quicker than I thought - I may have fixed the infobox hover issue. Using the browser inspection tool I see that the '.pi-data' div class inside the PI sets overflow to 'hidden' - changing it to 'visible' allows the hover popup to be seen. It also fixes CardHover inside the infobox as well.

      You can copy the custom css from my personal css again, just the new bit at the top. This was just the first thing I stumbled upon - it seems to work fine for now but it may have consequences down the line. To be safe, I nested the change inside a custom PI theme ('cardbox'). Let me know if you notice any issues.

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