• I don't think we need those token hovers on the wikia, when we can just show the actual card.

    See Snowball

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    • Well, the idea wasn't to use them on their card's page. They would show up the same way they do in-game - as a hover popup along with any keyword descriptions - to be used where full card art already appears on a page, in conjunction with {{Card}} and maybe the new infoboxes. I figure in those situations, the popup showing the full card along with hover keyword tooltips could be a bit much.

      That said, the actual card would just be a link or two away and could appear in full on their creators' pages (like Snowball on Jotun Hurler's page).

      If you still prefer not to use them we can just delete the current u loads and I won't worry about photoshopping more screenshots for the restĀ :P Either way is fine with me.

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    • You'd have to do it for every card right? That might be an excessive amount of work.

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    • It would be optional & could happen over time. Calling the token hover would be a template, or a modification to an existing one. Maybe 'keywords' and 'token' parameters could be added to {{Card}} to incorporate both hovers.

      Its no less excessive than retroactively adding keyword hover tips to card images. I don't imagine anyone massively adding either across the whole site all at once, rather it can be added to new content and slowly work its way into the older stuff.

      If you want I can make up an example later showing tooltip & token hovers over a card, before you decide one way or the other.

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    • You've been very nice putting the choice into my hands, but if you're intent on going ahead and doing it, feel free to, just warning of the excessivity of work on it, when we can use resources we already have.

      It might be better as a new template over an addition to an existing one though, so either can be used for a specific purpose as needed.

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    • I'll cook up some comparison examples either way, hopefully this weekend. The token hover template shouldn't be too hard.. its basically the existing CardHover with some css modifications to shift the image due to the size difference.

      I could narrow my focus a bit though, since I have a few templates in the works + creating the missing card imagesĀ :P I don't mind the work involved as I've been enjoying the process and learning stuff as I go. Worst case scenario, my interest fades and some templates never gets completed/used. Let me know if theres anything specific you would prefer I focus on though!

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    • Here's an example of the hover keyword + token together. (Note: this isn't incorporated into a template yet, just in-line styling tweaks to the existing wiki css)

      Cirso, the Great Glutton
      When this hits an enemy unit, leftover damage is dealt to the enemy player or site.
      Token - Pig
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    • A few updates -

      {{KeywordHover}} should be up & running fully now, I added a /doc page with examples and details about the optional parameters.

      The sandboxed version of Card, {{Card/sandbox}}, now supports both keyword & token image hover tooltips (using 'keywords' and 'tokens' parameters to list them - both parse multiple entries). It needs a CSS update, after that this should appear roughly the same as the previous post's example:

      {{Card/sandbox|Cirso, the Great Glutton|keywords=Overwhelm|tokens=Pig}}

      Cirso, the Great Glutton If you don't see any issues then we can fold that into the main template.

      I included both the current site CSS and the new updates in my personal CSS. I didn't change any of the existing code from other users, just re-organized it and stylized the comments a bit to hopefully make it easier to navigate. You should be able to copy/paste it over the existing wiki CSS - you can test it on your personal CSS first to make sure everything appears ok before rolling it out site-wide.

      The new CSS also has a few more updates to the new Infobox (see the testcases page for comparisons after updating).

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    • Another update - the new Infobox now includes a 'keywords' and a 'tokens' parameter - using either will add a hover tooltip to the infobox. CSS has been incorporated into my personal page.

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