• Hey Yumyum! It seems like activity has died down a bit lately as we've all gotten busy. I just wanted to check in on a few things before diving back in:

    • Have you had the chance to check out the potential CSS/infobox updates (in this thread)?
    • Any plans for the upcoming set 4 spoiler season? I've seen some preview art popping up in the subreddit lately, should we be uploading them and starting a spoiler section?
    • Should we add flavor info to the wiki? We could request a custom namespace like Lore: or Story: to use for the (borrowing the MtG term) Vorthos content.
    • There are still a few missing card pages - I figured I'd add them once the infobox update is finished. After that, anything else you would like to see focused on?
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    • Yeah I've been very busy the past couple weeks, probably will be for the next couple weeks as well.

      What part of your personal CSS do you want me to transfer over to the site CSS?

      On flavor, I've been adding quotes I've seen in articles underneath cards as informal flavor. See Oni Ronin as an example, but some dedicated lore pages could be good as well.

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    • Yeah no worries, we all get busy :)

      My personal page has both the existing CSS + the updates. I cleaned things up (there were redundancies) and added some organizational comments. So the site CSS can be completely overwritten by the update. If you want to test it before committing the changes site-wide you can test it on your own personal css.
      That's a great flavor quote! I stylized them in the infobox update (see the Azendel's Gift example in the template testcases, post-CSS update). I have a whole backlog of loading screen screenshots to sort through, I'm sure there are a bunch of good quotes there too.
      I figured the lore pages would be good for larger-form story articles. Stuff like location descriptions, character stories (Icaria, Kaleb, etc), faction backgrounds, the story timeline, etc.
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    • Alright I've updated the CSS.

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    • Great thanks!

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    • I just updated the {{CardInfobox}} template with the sandboxed version, so it should be working site-wide. Its a big change so let me know if there are any issues. I don't expect it to break anything but just in case it can be reverted with the undo function, I also made a backup of the original under {{CardInfobox/old}}.

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    • Hey quick update -

      1. I noticed one issue with the infobox update. By default it uses {{PAGENAME}} to auto-fill the image file name. This isn't working on page names with apostrophes. Their image won't show up unless the file name is explicitly written out. This might be a bug, I reported it on the Portability Wiki forums. I'll wait a few days to hear back, then I'll try tinkering with it or manually fix those pages.

      2. I forgot that I hadn't built auto-categorization into the new infobox yet. Once its added, categories like card set, faction types, card & unit types, artist, and maybe keywords would be automatically added to card pages based on those infobox parameters. Some things (like "choose one effects") would still need to be manually added, but for the most part don't worry about adding the basic categories to the new pages ;)

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    • I heard back about the infobox image info & already patched in the fix. For some reason with the new type of infobox, the image call needs the {{PAGENAMEE}} magic word (with an extra 'E').

      I tested and this works with new card pages using the infobox defaults now. Some older pages may still be missing their image, where they were manually using '{{PAGENAME}}.png' in their parameter. Just need to delete the input or add the E to fix them.

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    • I just added auto-categorization to the main {{CardInfobox}} template. Let me know if you see any errors (or revert the change if its an emergency situation).

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    • Hey YY! I hoped for your opinion on a few things:

      1. Top navigation

      I updated the wiki header links, see anything missing or that should be changed?

      2. 'Token' vs 'Noncollectible'

      These terms have been used interchangeably, but here's the difference as I see it:
      • 'Tokens' are cards created by another card. 'Token' card frames are the condensed hover display.
      • 'Noncollectible' is a subset of 'Tokens' - some token generators create 'collectible' cards (Arachnophobia, Shogun's Scepter).
      We could use any terms, thats a style choice, but a distinction should be made. You can decide, then we'll add it to the style guide to use consistently as we update & finish the card pages.

      3. Preformatted new pages

      I added the optional preformatted card page layout for new pages. I may have gone overboard with the commented notes - I think you cleaned them up from a page or two :P They can be removed if you'd like, as they are only useful for new editors and it may be overwhelming.
      If there are other layouts that would be useful we can add them.
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    • I think everything is good for now. You referred to a bunch of them as noncollectable, and token is MTG terminology, so we'll go with that.

      Also I saw you marking a bunch of cards as "Heros" on their pages. Is there any point to that? The cards being heros shouldn't have any gameplay impact.

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    • To be clear, I'm not against using 'Token', I just think it should be used when more broadly referring to cards generated by other cards.

      'Hero' does nothing currently - but it is a searchable tag in the game and DWD's announcement about it said they may add functionality in the future. Since we're updating all the old card pages anyway with keywords & tokens, I saw no reason not to future-proof by adding Hero as well. As a bonus, its a nice category to have for anyone who might be interested in finding Eternal's characters or creating Vorthos-y type content :)

      Btw I should be finished updating all of set 1's cards, starting on set 2 now. I'm hoping to get caught up in time for set 4's release/Eternal's full launch.

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