• Now that DWD has made an official FoA spoiler page, how long do you think we should keep adding cards to ours? I think the extreme of 'all the cards' up to the whole set being revealed may go too far, especially because its a bit redundant and most people will now prefer the official one anyway. Completely stopping & pointing to the DWD page is an option, but I think at least any new mechanics and such revealed before launch should be added. I'm sure there's a happy middle ground, I was wondering what you think about it.

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    • The reddit spoiler thread is fine at updating anyways.

      DWD stops updating theirs after a week or two, leaving out most of the set, as well.

      Just link to the reddit and DWD ones when you want to stop updating it.

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    • Ok, thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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