• So, I don't think we should add all the flavor from the articles.

    The art doesn't match the text in many cases, and sometimes the word replaced is a random word in a sentence not describing the card itself.

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    • Example: Song of War, the art depicts the Oni, but the flavor text is about the clans.

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    • Example 2: Crownwatch Quartermaster, it clearly shows a leader giving a Fasces to Eilyn, but the flavor text talks about the battle before Eilyn attacks the city. We need to be more picky with the flavor text, I think, if it's relevant to the card as a whole rather than just something DWD threw in to spruce up an article.

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    • Ok, sounds good. I wasn't planning on doing all the article flavor, but I may have gone a bit overboard :P I was skipping small things, like the weapons mentioned in the Relia article where the text wasn't particularly noteworthy.

      I had noticed the SoW art after I submitted the flavor & was on the fence about it. I thought the card name matched the text well enough, but I'm glad for the second opinion. I'll reign it in some, but feel free to undo any that you don't like and let me know if I still go to far with it.

      Btw - the set 1 & 2 pages should all be created/updated now. I probably could have finished set 3 pre-FoA release too if I didn't get distracted by the flavor and art stuff :P

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    • Didn't see the Quartermaster post until now, I removed the flavor text from both that & Song of War.

      Yumyum36 wrote: We need to be more picky with the flavor text, I think, if it's relevant to the card as a whole rather than just something DWD threw in to spruce up an article.

      Just to clarify - the issue is the flavor I had added clashing with the artwork, right? I guess for the two above cards specifically, I felt that a 'Crownwatch Quartermaster' is a generic enough unit (as in there would be more than the one handing Eilyn the fasces) and a 'Song of War' would be a non-specific occurrence as far as the story goes, that we might cast a wider net for their flavor texts - even for throw-away snippets in 'official' references. I'm curious about your opinion on the text I added for Oasis Sanctuary. The card isn't specifically linked in the Brenn article, but I felt the text matched well, and was particularly evocative.

      I know that before these recent flavor articles finding text outside the campaigns and loading screens was harder & we've sometimes stretched a bit, like using paraphrased statements about gameplay. I did this with Combustion Cell, following your lead from Scaletender and Darkveil Agent. Devastating Setback even has a quote from a reddit comment, that doesn't fit the specific act of Rolant's Fist being stolen. Maybe this comparative flood of story info makes it a little too easy to add subpar flavor text so the bar needs to be raised.

      Sorry for the wall of text, just trying to suss out your opinions. Since there's a number of ways we could do flavor text, and choosing what fits or not can be a subjective decision, I think developing clear guidelines (then adding them to the wiki style guide) is the way to go.

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    • I think it should match the art, because the art is there to add flavor, as does the flavor text. We're adding these to add flavor. So if there's a flavor mismatch, it's sorta weird. Plus, in some cases from the articles, the flavor doesn't describe the card, and they just made a word in a sentence hover to make the story/world feel more filled in than describe the card with flavor.

      On the reddit comment one, it is sort of reaching to an extent, though there are a couple others that are reddit comments that fit better. I felt Passage of Eons as an example fit fairly well.

      Another opinion to add: I think we should avoid adding too much text to the spoiler text box. More than 4 or 5 lines is too much maybe, though I think exceptions can be made for really simple or vanilla cards, because those always had more flavor text in MTG. Like someone posted the entire Dizo monologue a while back and that was fairly long.

      On Oasis Sanctuary: Really cool flavor text, it makes sense.

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    • I read through them once more, here are my opinions on Flavor, feel free to disagree or argue with me on these:

      Crown of Authority, the art shows her being crowned, the text refers to her preparing to invade.

      Eilyn, Clan Mother, the art shows her in Argenport, flavor text refers to her being in the Skycrag.

      Helpful Doorbot, I added this initially not knowing of Game of Thrones. Don't know if it's worth keeping.

      Crownwatch Squire, We could probably reword it a little to fix. But the first half focuses on Relia and her sergeants, and the end of it refers to where what's depicted in the art wouldn't be happening. Maybe: "At the training grounds the rookies were taught how to think and fight on their feet."

      Daraka, Queensguard, sprinkling, but the flavor fits here. Sentences from novels don't tend to be engaging. Maybe shorten to "Aye my Queen, it will be done."

      Encroaching Darkness, Where is she entering? Either get rid of the last sentence or change it to something like: Vara disappeared once more into the shadowlands in pursuit of her tormentor.

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    • I think we should avoid adding too much text to the spoiler text box.

      Assuming you mean the flavor text box here, yes I agree with keeping it as concise as possible. After submitting a few longer ones, where the extra text felt important, I've noticed how bulky the box can get. We could also move it back to the bottom of the infobox. 1-2 lines of flavor text looks really sweet were it is but I'm not a fan of scrolling to see actual card info :P

      Thoughts/comments on the rest:

      Passage of Eons - While external text can fit (like older MtG cards using real-life poems and such), and this specific comment does fit well, my concern is this: Someone sees it, thinls its part of Eternal's lore, then gets turned off by following the source and seeing it has nothing official to do with the game. Or, someone writing a lore article for their site uses our page as a source without double-checking the link. Its just speculation, and maybe a non-issue. I'm happy enough using ones that fit for now, as long as we keep it in the back of our minds if something pops up.

      Crown of Authority - this may be lack of knowledge or misunderstanding on my part. I thought this was something she gained after returning north and defeating Vadius. That this was her uniting and becoming queen of the clans again - the 'Eilyn has regained her place among the Clans' bit. The rest of the flavor shows how that pivotal event leads to them returning to Argenport. If this is in fact her being crowned queen in Argenport after its fall, then yes this flavor should be removed.

      Eilyn, CM - less defensible, now that I notice that's probably the Eternal Throne in the art behind her. This was more about showcasing her being badass before they attacked the gates.

      Helpful Doorbot - Even having read GoT years back, I don't recognize the quote. As far as I'm concerned its in a similar camp to PoE.

      CW Squire - Sounds good, swapped it out.

      Daraka - I liked the extra bit for the tension between them (and by extension, her standing with the clans). I wouldn't mind shortening, just thought it was a nice hook to get visitors to look more into it.

      Encroaching Darkness - Last sentence removed.

      Feel free to make any changes to the flavor texts as you see them, so need to double check first. As we discuss them we can always decide to revert. Its a collaboration, but you're the 'captain' around here, and I'm happy deferring to your judgment. Don't worry, I'll let you know if I truly disagree with a change ;)

      Refining my thoughts on how I've been approaching this, and why I've been erring on the size of showcasing interesting text where its at least loosely relevant to the card. The goals would be:

      • A) For the sake of showcasing it, where cool stuff would otherwise be forgotten about in campaigns or buried in old news posts. If it can evoke an emotional response, that may reinforce interest in the game. More importantly,
      • B) Getting people interested into digging further into the lore. The flavor text can be used as a window into the rest of Eternal's stories. Lastly & less importantly,
      • C) Reinforcing the mechanics of the card. With Crownwatch Quartermaster for example, the lore "The Crownwatch emptied its barracks, arming every last reserve and recruit." doesn't match the art, but it does match its mechanics of creating tokens and buffing units. It's easy to imagine a MtG style reprinting with new art that fits that flavor. However, since Eternal 'ports' cards instead of reprinting them (so far), this point may not justify colliding with the card's art.

      Like you said though, if the lore and art mismatch (too much) it can be dissonant and weird, which would drive interest away instead of in.

      Ideally, the flavor text would be backed up by (and link to) wiki lore pages. They could be a good place to compile everything we know about the different characters, regions, events, etc. Of course, thats another project unto itself so it may be unrealistic without additional help or time in the day :P With the more recent posts on the subreddit about possible lore articles and compilations on other sites, that niche may fill itself externally on its own.

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