• Just finished uploading all the main, collectible FoA card images. I already updated all the existing pages for the spoiled collectible cards (added card numbers and fixed the 2 cards that were renamed between spoiler and launch), so we should only need to worry about adding the new pages now.

    I'm going to get started on the noncollectible and token-frame images. Then I'll update the Project:Card Lists page with the new set, so seeing which pages are missing should be easier. Let me know if you find any missing images, I likely took the screenshot but accidentally skipped editing or uploading it afterwards.

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    • Ok thanks for the for all the work you've done.

      I think you've passed me in total edits over the past week.

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    • Ouch thats a little scary! I do tend to get obsessed with these types of things for a stretch. I wonder if it counts all the little tiny edits I sometimes do, especially when testing new templates and such - I've probably made dozens of couple-word edits to the modules I've been messing around with today while bug hunting and such. Still, might be wise to put the brakes on this a little :P

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    • Adding card pages has just gotten easier :)

      I've got the first pass at some 'assistant' lua code in a usable state:

      1. When creating a new card page (FoA only, for now) click the "The Fall of Argenport Assisted Autofill" preformatted layout at the top.
      2. This should autofill a lua #invoke. Preview or publish the page to see the pre-filled source text for the new card page.
      3. Copy/paste it over the #invoke, and 90% of the work should be done!

      Some stuff still needs to be done manually, like adding links and {{icon}}s to the card text field, filling the keywords/tokens & hero parameters, etc. Let me know if you find any bugs, and there may also be some quirks from the database (converted from EternalWarcry's shared file).

      Edit: Oh and I added FoA to the card lists so missing pages should be nicely redlinked.

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    • I'll finish up The Dusk Road the old way in the meantime. There's enough that I can get a good chunk of it tonight.

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    • Sounds good! I just saw your Discord messages btw, I'll need to get in the habit of checking that (I literally just signed up for it the other day so I could ask a question about one of the FoA spoilers). Idk how you find all these artists but keep up the great work :)

      I'll knock out some FoA cards tonight. I've been distracted again playing with cosmetic stuff rather than adding the new cards, let me know what you think — Dead Reckoning is showing 2 new templates, {{SetInfobox}} and {{ImageQuote}}. Although its pretty, I'm worried the banner image pushes the other elements too far down the page.

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