• I added the 'Lore:' namespace that I had mentioned before, so we can use it for story pages. (I was emailing with wikia support about another wiki anyway and figured I'd ask rather than opening a new ticketĀ :P) I figure we can try it out for now, and if it turns out there's not much interest we can always rename any lore pages and delete the namespace later.

    I might post in the discord #lore section to see if there are any would-be editors, and maybe try another reddit post when theres some decent pages to show off.

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    • I saw Lore:Rolant. What are we counting as references? Because he's on quite a few cards, such as In Cold Blood and Solitude, even though they don't directly say his name.

      Shouldn't they count as depictions?

      References would be more along the lines of Rolant's Memorial and Rolant's Honor Guard, right?

      Maybe split the categories into: Cards, Depictions and References?

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    • 'Depictions' and 'References' are probably the wrong word for the current use - the page is 100% experimental work-in-progress right now so we can change any of it. I was just avoiding using a 'Cards' label inside the 'Cards' section. But yes, some split between

      1. actual cards of the character
      2. cards with direct ties to the character - gear (Rolant's Fist), actions (Rolant's Choice), etc
      3. story references to the character (In Cold Blood)

      needs to be made and better terminology used.

      For the current 'References' section I was trying to riff off of this LoL character infobox but 'Weapons/Pets' didn't sound quite right either.

      These don't necessarily have to go in the infobox - direct cards probably should be but the rest can go in a 'References' section of the article. Plus CardHovers and artwork can be used throughout as references.

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