• Hi Pusillanimous,

    Just wondering - is there a reason the Keyword Hover template has an extra space at the end? I was noticing on some pages such as Icaria, the Liberator, there are a lot of extra spaces between words and before punctuation due to this.


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    • Hey! Yes, there is a reason. Its not a great one.. basically, I forgot :/

      A few months back Yumyum and I were fiddling with the Keyword and Card hover templates. We want some kind of indication that those words are hover-able, and were trying to figure out how best to display them. There were indicators at the time, but we disabled them to do testing.

      Then we both got busy, and it got left that way. I have personal CSS enabled, so it actually appears with icons to me. I had forgotten that we turned it off on the main wiki CSS.

      Thanks for bringing it up, I'll start looking into it again soon. The hover templates need to be revisited anyway - currently they make a mess of the wiki on mobile, so I need to figure out how to make them appear only on the desktop.

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    • Cool, thanks for the info! Just curious.

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    • Just updated the wiki CSS, let me know if the hover links look fine or if there are issues!

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    • Looks great! Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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