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Time is the faction of learning and discovery; knowledge is the key to true power.
Time Sigil

Time is one of the five basic Factions in Eternal. It focuses on powerful units, gaining life, and indirect ways of subduing enemy units.

Mechanics Edit

Unit Strength/Health Increases Edit

Cards like Unlock Potential and Xenan Obelisk apply Icon atk and Icon hp bonuses to all of your units, which can be powerful in token decks which play a large number of cheap, small units.

Returning Cards to Hand Edit

Also known as "bouncing", this is one of the ways Time deals with enemy units, through cards such as Praxis Displacer and Envelop. With some cards, such as with Teleport, this can be used to return your own units to your hand, which can help save them from enemy effects.

Increasing Card Cost Edit

An ability that can work in tandem with bounce, cards like Slow and Sandspitter make cards in the enemy hand more expensive to delay them or even make them unplayable.

Removing the Ability to Fly Edit

Cards like Sandstorm Titan and Sandstorm Scarf prevent all units from Flying, which helps make up for Time's relative lack of flying units.

Ramp Edit

Cards like Initiate of the Sands and Auralian Merchant help ramp the player's maximum power faster than playing power cards alone, which can help get large units out earlier.

Influence Fixing Edit

To help reach your deck's influence requirements, cards like Amber Acolyte and Trail Maker help gain power as well as seeking the type of influence you need.

Gaining Health Edit

Cards like Ancient Bauble and Water of Life provide Icon hp, which can combine well with Lifeforce abilities.

Unit Types Edit

Faction Combinations Edit

Two-faction Alliances Edit

Three-faction Alliances Edit

Lore Edit

Scion Edit

Talir is the scion of Time. Caiphus's sister, she is a powerful mage and the Arch-Magister of the Praxis Arcanum.

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