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Triumphant Stranger is a Hero unit card.

How to Get[]

Beat the relevant mission in The Tale of Horus Traver.

Created By[]

The following cards create tokens of Triumphant Stranger (or transform cards into it):


On Play: "One from many."


Hopefully Triumphant Stranger Will Spawn Good Stranger (Double Damage, When stranger atack make your card cheaper, etc) and survive a few turn

Play Other Equalivalent Card like Trimphant Stranger (example : Legendary) because enmy player will probably have

Silance(making triumphant stranger useless) Kill card, Return to player hand ( because you cant play triumphant stranger if you dont have 5 different influance), enmy unit can exhaust to silance, Spell damage, Etc. There are so many card that make triumphant stranger useless therefore use card that give aegis (negate enmy spell)


Triumphant Stranger premium Avatar

A Triumphant Stranger premium avatar was released with the Traver's Farm promotional card. It was available in the store for a limited time for 300 Gems icon gems. A bundle with the avatar and a promo theme deck (including 4 premium copies of Traver's Farm) was also available, for 500 Gems icon gems.[1]


1.52.1... Now plays a random Stranger at the end of your turn (was start of turn).
1.25 Released in The Tale of Horus Traver.


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