Twinning Ritual is a spell card.

How to Get Edit

Type Creation Destruction
Uncommon Shiftstone icon 200 Shiftstone icon 10
Premium Shiftstone icon 1600 Shiftstone icon 100
This card can also be obtained from The Empty Throne Card Packs. Diamond Chests and The Empty Throne Card Packs can give Premium versions of this card.

Created By Edit

The following cards create tokens of Twinning Ritual (or transform cards into it):

Strategy Edit

Twinning Ritual has great synergy with the Echo skill—the drawn copy triggers Echo, drawing an additional buffed unit.

Notes Edit

Twinning Ritual was named "Sandform", had different art, and was a Time-only card during Eternal's closed Beta. It became Elysian, was renamed, and given new artwork in the transition to open Beta. The original art was later reused for Argent Depths' Reshape.


1.15Name fixed (was displaying "Twinning").
1.14Name changed to "Twinning Ritual", from "Sandform". Now uncommon, costs 2TP (instead of rare 2T).
1.7.3Released in The Empty Throne.
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