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IsochronEternal IsochronEternal 8 May 2019

Spoiler - Death Ripple

The best part about Dark Frontier's spoilers being on the community store is that it can reward people who might be off DWD's immediate radar, but who have made endless contributions to the community. And since Pusillanimous kindly gave me a spoiler to write a post about, I want to introduce the Eternal community to a champion of the Eternal Wiki. Pusillanimous joined the wiki around a year ago, and has since made 14,622 edits. That averages to 31 edits every day, which is a massive feat. If you play Eternal and have ever used the wiki, odds are that Pusillanimous has made your life better.

With that aside, I present to you :

This is a fairly unassuming card at first. Sure, three-cost removal tends to be better than higher end counterparts, but only…

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