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  • Pusillanimous

    With the new set coming out today, I figured it would be a good time to outline how this wiki's card images are made. This process, and the layout decisions I made, aren't official policies of this wiki - they can change should our community decide to do so. I've just been handling these for a while, and wanted to get this down in case someone else wants/needs to do it.

    My goal with these screenshots is to maximize consistency. To do so, I try to take screenshots of the cards using the same setup each time, and have created a template to editing the images. Ideally, anyone else following this guide will use the same setup, but may need to make adjustments for their particular situation.

    Note: I need to leave for now, I will add the final sec…
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  • Pusillanimous

    Hi everyone! Since we have a couple announcements to make I thought I would use the blog feature to get into the details. I'll follow that up with some thoughts about the wiki and my own plans and hopes for it.

    For anyone wondering who I am, I've been working on the wiki for around a year now. I edit pages here and there, but I mostly like working on the background stuff, like creating templates, making our images, structuring the pages, and tinkering with our CSS. If you have an idea for a template you could use and need a hand, let me know!

    Our big announcement is that we're starting a Discord server for the wiki. Real-time chat should streamline our users' communication and organization. Info on our server will be added and updated on the…

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