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Valor is a battle skill keyword that stops all damage to a unit the first time it would be damaged. It was introduced in Revelations.

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Valor's rules text, from the in-game description:

When a unit with Valor is blocked, it gets +1/+1 this turn for each unit blocking it.


Valor is triggered whenever any unit blocks the unit with Valor.

While this will typically happen in normal combat, it is also triggered by making a Killer attack with the Valor unit (which forces the attacked unit to block). If the Killer attack is redirected to an ambushing unit, Valor is triggered another time.

The strength and health of units with Valor will automatically increase and decrease as you assign and unassign blockers to them, but won't be locked in until you finalize blockers.


Valor was revealed in the Revelations' spoiler-season mechanic reveal article for the keyword.[1]


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